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About CRC

Chesapeake Reading Council (CRC) is the local chapter of the Virginia State Literacy Association. We are a public service organization devoted to promoting literacy throughout our city and to fostering a lifelong pursuit of reading.  CRC promotes all aspects of reading and writing! 

Chesapeake Reading Council has been chartered for over 46 years and is a vital force in reading education throughout the City of Chesapeake.  Working in all Chesapeake public schools and in the community, we support children, parents, teachers, school administrators, and community leaders by providing programs and resources which support literacy and literacy education.

Chesapeake Reading Council is an affiliate of the Virginia State Literacy Association and the International Literacy Association.

CRC Executive Board Members



Stephanie Agricola
Hickory Elementary School


Ashley M. Smith

Western Branch Primary School

Vice President
Christina Henry
Indian River High School
Kim Rosenbaum

Oscar Smith Middle School

Corresponding Secretary

Lisa Greer

Cedar Road Elementary School

Recording Secretary

Bethani Lecher

Oscar Smith Middle School


Nikki Martel

Butts Road Primary School


Kristin Garman
G. W. Carver Intermediate School