Chesapeake Reading Council
Chesapeake, Virginia

CRC Scholarships 2016-2017


In 2017, Chesapeake Reading Council will award up to three $500 scholarships to deserving individuals!  Take advantage of this opportunity and pursue your degree in education with one of the following scholarships!

Sarah Whitehurst Memorial Professional Scholarship

Cynthia Foster Undergraduate Scholarship

CRC Undergraduate Scholarship

Grant applications are due to Laura Labyak at by 3pm on Friday, April 7, 2017.

VSRA Scholarship

The deadline for VSRA Scholarships was January 31st.  All applications are being reviewed and winners will be announced in the near future.  Thanks for your submissions!

Please note: Conference attendees are responsible for securing the appropriate leave necessary for attending the conference.  The Chesapeake Reading Council is not responsible for securing the appropriate leave for scholarship receipients.  Dr. Roberts has approved one day of professional leave if it is approved by your principal.  If a scholarship recipient is unable to attend the conference, the scholarship will not be awarded.